Angry Alexis: Saying Goodbye To St. Louis

by Alexis Boucher | Posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2014

It’s been a long day. Like many of my fellow fans, my brain has been shouting since the news of Marty’s trade broke. There was a rush of different emotions: anger, confusion, disbelief, sadness, rage. It took a little while to calm down and reconcile just what was going on in my head. I’ve had the time to really think about this situation and have realized just why I am so disappointed with how Martin St. Louis left the Tampa Bay Lightning.


Not all of us are 6’4″. Or have a 100 mph slapshot. Or are blessed with massive amounts of natural talent. For the most part, we’re all underdogs in our everyday life. So was Marty.  Every single team in the league passed on him. No one thought he could hack it in the NHL and he has succeeded beyond all expectations. St. Louis is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do to help you reach your goals.

It’s been said so many times that it borders on the cliche, but St. Louis was the heart and soul of this team. It’s impossible to count the number of times he has taken this team on his back and willed them forward. He’s been a stalwart and integral part of this team for 14 years. He was the only active player left in town from the 2004 Stanley Cup win. A tangible link to this franchise’s finest moment is gone. That link to the past is gone. The Lightning forge a new identity starting right now. Time and the NHL schedule waits for no one. (Photo/ Sue Ferlita)

When heroes are put on pedestals, you inevitably find out they are just as human and flawed as the rest of us. We realize that now. We’re angry. We’re disappointed. Sports are a business but I will never forget the betrayal of St. Louis bailing on his teammates.

In closing: Screw you Marty. Screw you for jumping ship like this. Screw you for abandoning the young team that looked to you for leadership and guidance. Screw your “thank you fans” letter as you head out the door. And screw you for the tears that I fight to hold back even now.

It may not be this season, but the Lightning are going to be a big effing success without you.

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Alexis Boucher
About the Author

Managing Editor and Senior Writer Alexis Boucher is a transplant from the Northeast, who worships in the churches of hockey and baseball. She has followed the Lightning since the late 90's. A graduate of the Florida State University Creative Writing program, she has been blogging for over three years. She has a penchant for loud music, enforcers, and good beer.

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  1. Byron says:

    Typical French Canadian arrogance and inflated feelings of self worth. Hope you fall flat on your little froggy face in NYC. Good riddance scumbag

    • Alexis Boucher says:

      Yeaaaaah, my last name is French and a side of my family was in Quebec for a few hundred years. Can’t go with you there.

  2. BigKahuna BigKahuna says:

    A lot of emotion right there. You speak for me and probably most of Bolts Nation. Good job.

  3. BigKahuna BigKahuna says:

    Looks like we win the trade. Marty has been bad so far and the Bolts are building towards the playoffs with a motivated Callahan.

    • Alexis Boucher says:

      So far, yes. I really love how Callahan plays, but don’t want to get attached. Unsure if they will be able to match the price he’ll undoubtedly look for in the off season.

      Of course, if they win and do well in the playoffs he may be willing to take a bit of a discount.

  4. Thomas says:

    Dont be so hard on Marty .. next year when Rangers come to town there will be a video tribute to him. In 5-8 years his sweater will hang from the rafters and in 10 years he will be here celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first of many Cups we have.

    • Alexis Boucher Alexis Boucher says:

      I’ll never be able to boo Marty, but I won’t be ready to cheer him on again any time soon. I know feelings vary from fan to fan. I’m not as angry, but I am not letting him off the hook for bailing on the team he was supposed to be leading.

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