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Angry Alexis: Adieu Alaskan Assassin


Sports fans choose their favorite players for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re guys like Steven Stamkos who scores goals with near supernatural ability. Sometimes it is players like Radko Gudas who rock the opposition with a bone jarring hit. We wear their number on our jerseys with pride, announcing to the world that this is OUR favorite player. My More...

by Alexis Boucher | Published 4 years ago

By W.B. Philp On Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
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Editor’s Blog: Bolts Blogosphere Boasts Good, Bad And Ugly

Blogging is an instant world-wide publishing of a personal voice. I’m old. Old enough to have used a pen and lined paper to rough out a sports story and then type it on a manual Smith Corona typewriter. I picked More...

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