Editor’s Blog: Bolts Blogosphere Boasts Good, Bad And Ugly

by W.B. Philp | Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Blogging is an instant world-wide publishing of a personal voice.

I’m old. Old enough to have used a pen and lined paper to rough out a sports story and then type it on a manual Smith Corona typewriter. I picked up on social media late in life. While I do think it is just about the truest form of democracy, it brings out the worst in people. Keyboard warriors are among us and it stinks.

Lately some Lightning bloggers have publicly called out Bolts fans for voicing their opinions. (You know who you are). These blog representatives have tweeted back at followers using derogatory terms such as “Captain Obvious” and accusing readers of not being “True Lightning Fans.” This is nothing short of disgusting. These “writers” (Yes, I use this term loosely) are ignorant fools. Fans wear their emotions on their sleeves and have every right to show their frustration with the Bolts performance. Having a give-and-take discussion with a Lightning fan is one thing, but name calling and belittling your readers is another. Besides committing social media suicide, it’s unprofessional and just not nice.

None of us are “experts” on hockey. Our opinions are no better than anyone else s. Some of us have the experience and ability to string some words together and sound intelligent. A blog is simply the unedited voice of an individual or group of individuals. We “report” on the Lightning games we watch and  the inside information we get from journalists like Damian Cristodero and Erik Erlendsson while providing our take on it.

Journalism is a commitment to an informed public and a collection of practices to that end. Blogging is an instant world-wide publishing of a personal voice. That voice is no more important than the voice of the readers/followers. The Lightning blogosphere has some outstanding professional blogs that overlap journalism and blogging. They have credentialed, adept writers and experienced editors. Bolt Prospects, Raw Charge, HockeyBuzz and hopefully LightningShout are great examples of this.

These blogs don’t misrepresent their information. They attribute quotes and give credit where it is due. Most of all, they treat readers as equals and engage them in interesting conversation without any hint of arrogance. They are sensitive to the Lightning fans and their opinions. They can have differing opinions that result in enlightening discussions… not the public flogging of Bolts fans.

In short, be careful in choosing who you follow and read. Remember, the very act of reading a blog that spews reader insults across public social media platforms allows that blog and its writers to exist and continue that imbecilic behavior.

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W.B. Philp
About the Author

W.B. Philp is the founder and Editor in Chief of the NHLShout Network. He is a longtime sportswriter, grandfather, father, husband, Melrose hater, instigator, agitator and vindicator.

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  1. BigKahuna BigKahuna says:

    Very well written. I like that you consider our opinions and don’t treat us like we don’t know what we are talking about. I see that someone has basically admitted their wrong doing on your Facebook page. I reviewed their Twitter comments and everything in this article is the truth. Not that I ever doubted it. I did take some time to read that persons articles and they are immature and full of mistakes. I think I will remain loyal to you and the blogs you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up.

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